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Jackie and me book report

“Jackie & Me” is a story perfectly tuned to our ongoing fascination with the Kennedy marriage — and a novel, like Jackie herself, with charm. jackie and me by dan gutman.just like every 5th grade boy joe stostack has to do a report on an african american for black history month.joe loves baseball but recently he got in a fight with a pitcher hit him with a baseball.he is suspended from little league.joe always wanted a jackie robinson baseball card 1 of every 1 million of jackie. Jackie and Me: A Very Special Friendship by Tania Grossinger, Charles George Esperanza (Illustrations) 3.73 · Rating details · 33 ratings · 12 reviews As a “step” in her large family, Tania doesn’t feel like she fits in. Especially at the swank upstate hotel that the family runs, one that caters to the rich and famous NYC clientele. Jackie & Me June 9, 2015 Josh Francoeur Just like every other kid in his history class, Joe “Stosh” Stoshack has to write a report about a famous African American person that helped change society. Stosh loves baseball and has played it since he was little. Jackie & Me Dan Gutman Perfection Learning Corporation, 2000 - African Americans - 145 pages 0 Reviews Like every other kid in his class, Joe Stoscack has to write a report on an African American... Jackie & Me (A Baseball Card Adventure, #2) by Dan Gutman Jackie & Me (A Baseball Card Adventure, #2) by Dan Gutman Jackie & Me (A Baseball Card Adventure, #2) by Dan Gutman Jackie & Me (A Baseball Card Adventure, #2) by Dan Gutman When Joe’s assigned a school report on an African-American who has made an important contribution to society, he knows exactly who he wants to see – Jackie Robinson. This is the first one of Gutman’s baseball time travel books that I’ve read, and boy, do I get the appeal.

Reading this was a snap, it was interesting and engaging throughout. Jackie and Me is written by Dan Gutman and published by Avon Camelot (1999), an imprint of Avon Books, 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019. Fair Ball! !4 Great Stars from Baseball's Negro Leagues is written and illustrated by Jonah Winter and published by Scholastic Press. Call 1-800-SCHOLASTIC. Article by Gary Hopkins –Picture Books enhance the curriculum, motivate the reader, and references about Jackie Robinson other than the information given in Jackie & Me. o Stealing Home:. Jackie reports early for opening day, taking Joe with him. Joe doesn't hear any racist comments against Jackie, but Jackie's reluctant to interact with the crowd Theme: The realistic fiction book called Jackie and Me by Dan Gutman is about how people treat Jackie and Joe and the fact that they do not treat people badly back reveals that if you treat people kindly, they will eventually treat you kindly back. Interactions between elements in. Jackie and Me Book Talk Lessons Lesson #1 Chapters 1&2 R5.A.1 Understand fiction appropriate to grade level R5.A.1.1 Identify and interpret meaning of multiple meaning words used in text R5.A1.4 Identify Main Idea and relevant supporting details from the text R5.A1.3.2 Cite evidence from the text to support generalizations Jackie & Me With more than 2 million books sold, the Baseball Card Adventures bring the greatest players in history to life! Like every other kid in his class, Joe Stoshack has to write a report on an African Ame Oct 27, 2018 rated it really liked it. Taking place in 1947, "Jackie & Me" is a book by Dan Gutman that looks at the career of the legendary Jackie Robinson. Joe, the main character, is asked to write a paper for one of his classes. The paper must be about an African American who made a big impact on the world.

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Jackie and me book report

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